JSContext, JSValue and Blocks – Remember:

– Avoid Capturing JSValues -> mantain a strong reference -> Prefer passing as arguments

– Avoid Captuing JSContexts -> mantain a strong reference to the Global object -> Use +[JSContext currentContext] inside of the blog


– JavaScriptCore uses garbage collection -> All references in JS are strong -> It doesn’t matter if you create reference cycles as the GC can handle them

– Memory management is mostly automatic -> JSValue keeps things alive for you as long as you use JSValue

– But attention to:

-> String JS values in Objective-C objects as instance variables -> Use JSManagedValue for that, it is a garbage collected reference.

JSManagedValue by itself  is a weak reference to a JavaScript value.

addMangedReference:withOwner turns JSManagedVAlue into a “garbage collected” reference -> if JS can find the owner it keeps the reference alive otherwise it is released

-> Adding JS fields to Objective-C objects, fields that are added in JS but are not present on the JSExport object



JSVirtualMachin -> JSVM

– JSVM can contain multipe JSContexts

– you can have multiple JSVM with different multiple JSContexts

– JSValues can be passed between JSContext in the same JSVM

– but can not be passed between different JSVM -> each JSVM has its own heap and GC

– JavaScriptCore API is thread safe

– Locking granularity is at level of the VM, JS can be executed in different threads on the same VM but when one thread is executing JS no other thread can execute JS at the same time on the VM

– Use separate JSVM for concurrency


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