As the title of this post says, in other words xCode freaking out because you deleted/renamed/moved a file in Finder and not in xCode it self. And svn freaking out because the files have @’s in there names. Googling around and stackoverflowing I read out that xCode adds the files to svn automatically once the file is added to the project. And svn uses the @ internally for revision names.

In terminal it is quite easy to resolve, first if you want to see the status of each of the files you can type the command: svn status. All of the files that have an exclamation point at the beginning of the path were added to svn but removed/renamed/etc before committing to svn.

This post explains it quick and simple. You can revert each one of those by typing

svn revert [path_to_the_file]

And this stackoverflow answer explains very well how to deal with filenames containing @’s. Quick answer here: svn only takes care about the last @ so if you have for example icon@2x.png you just need to type in terminal following the previous example:

svn revert icon@2x.png@