New hobby?? Following the advices of Bartek at everydayflash, before beginning with Unity3D I decided to begin with 3D design just to get used to 3D environments. For anybody who wants to find out what Bartek says about Unity3d post.

Blender was the 3D engine I used. First time I opened it I got scared… a linux kind interface with a lots…  A LOTS of buttons, a grid and a square. Not something I could find out by myself how to make that work. I searched for a tutorial, I found one very light to reed, it is in spanish although…. here It is very simple one but it really helps to get used to the interface a sunday afternoon.

My first terrain! (I do not upload it… it really doesn’t worth it) and… a self modeled christmas tree!!! This on I will try to upload. Blender is hard to get used, but once you get the pincipal keykommands and how to make them work in the correct sequence it gets better.

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