Resize and reposition mask

At work with already a few days deadlining….. The artdirector comes and says… just a little bug….
“When you upload the foto and you resize… see?? The photo seems to be sticking at its position”

HUhh!!?? The mask was not able to move with its container when it was repositioned by resizing.

The mask was not applied as it before the round trip with the server. (User uploads photo and flash loads it in again). So the mask was a decorative overlay before, and just at the moment where the bitmap was received the mask was set as actually mask. The problem was that the mask had applied a Filter (concretely a DropShadowFilter, not sure if that made any difference) but somehow this filter blocked the repositioning of it. So just pulling the filters off before setting the bitmap was enough!

No need to tell how stupid I felt……. 🙂

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