WWDC 14 – User Notifications – v713

User Notifications:
Appear on screen are triggered by APN server or Local notifications. Can appear in lock screen, modal presentation (alert), in Notification Center and as a sound

Silent Notifications
From APN server app wakes up in background and can do any processing. Can even get information on the background from a server

New in iOS8

Notification Actions:
Different actions available on the notification: View Accept Maybe Decline Close

With UIMutableUserNotificationAction you respond to the action. If chosen UIUserNotificationActivationModeBackground only seconds are available to execute any code in background

destructive: if it should be shown blue or red

authentication required: if the notification is on the lock screen and the user needs to unlock.

Location Notification:
Notification when entered or exit a region

Define in info.plist NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription -> Any text explaining

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